Gavin Oram
Lead Pastor Gregory Hills Anglican
Gavin Oram is the lead pastor at Gregory Hills Anglican. He and his wife Lara have 3 young children. Gavin and Lara enjoy drinking home-made espresso coffee and take the kids to Austinmere beach. If Gavin is not doing that, then look for him on the golf course. The best place they've ever visited would have to be hot-air-ballooning over the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Prior to moving into Gregory Hills, Gavin and Lara lived in Moore College housing in Parramatta for 2 years during College. Before that they had 6 great years living in Northmead. Before training for full-time ministry, Gavin worked 10 years full-time, 6 of them as an industrial electrician, 4 as a technical supervisor in fire and explosion protection. The highlight was definitely open-ended vessel explosion testing – that’s right, creating open air explosions! Gavin and Lara are excited about ministry in the church at Gregory Hills and to the wider community in the Macarthur region. They have found it a wonderful challenge in 2015 to move across to Gregory Hills and develop the congregation there.
Jono Squire
Lead Pastor Harrington Park Anglican and Senior Parish Minister
Jono Squire is the senior minister of Harrington Park Anglican and is married to Jenny. Jono and Jenny have 4 high school aged children, 3 boys and 1 girl. Jono enjoys bush walking and hiking. The best place he's ever visited would have to be Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania. Before moving to Harrington Park, Jono lived in the Inner West of Sydney, and grew up in country NSW (Armidale). Jono, Jenny and the family moved into Harrington Park in 2008, however, they were involved with the church since it began in 2002. Jono holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) with UNSW, and a Bachelor of Divinity & Diploma of Ministry with Moore Theological College. Prior to being a minister, Jono worked in IT at the ABC – technical support for ABC online. Jono's passion for ministry is that he loves helping people come to know Jesus and live for him.
Ben Pakula
Lead Pastor Night Church @ Hub and Youth Pastor
Ben Pakula is the assistant minister at Harrington Park Anglican. Ben is also the minister at Night Church at the Hub. Ben is married to Stacie and together have 3 boys. Their eldest is at school and the younger two are still at home. Stacie used to work as a family lawyer, but now she works an even harder and more valuable job: a stay-at-home mum. Ben loves to play guitar or drums, watch a blokey film, or sleep. The best place they've visited is Fiji. Ben and Stacie moved to Harrington Park at the beginning of 2015. Prior to that they lived at Moore Theological College Newtown. Ben's qualifications are: BA (Philosophy), Grad. Dip. Transnational Crime Prevention. Bachelor of Divinity from Moore Theological College. Ben's highlight of his past working life would have to be the day off. Ben's passionate to see all Christians being involved in ministry. Ben knows (from the Bible) that seeing people accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and growing in their relationship with him, means the difference between an eternity in hell and an eternity in heaven. Ben knows where he wants to be, and he wants to take as many people with him as he can.